Do you have insurance? 
It's important to ensure that whichever photographer you employ is properly covered by professional insurance, not just for your peace of mind, but also because an increasing number of venues are insisting on seeing proof of this in order to allow the photographer to work on their property. Imagine having found a deal that you thought was a bargain, only to find that they weren't covered should something terrible happen, or, that the venue refuses to allow them in on the day because they don't have proper insurance cover. 
I have £2,000,000 public liability cover and £100,000 professional indemnity insurance as standard and am happy to show evidence of this where needed. 
What if your camera breaks? 
A wedding is once only chance for capturing those special moments. There can be no re-plays. If equipment fails we can't just come back next week when it's fixed. So it's important that your photographer has plans in place to deal with the inevitable hiccup. 
I routinely have 2 professional cameras on my person at all times. So if a camera fails, I can carry on and worry about it later. In addition my cameras record to multiple memory cards simultaneously to ensure that I have a back up of your pictures as soon as they are taken.
What if you are ill on the day? 
Well I've been self employed for many years, so I'm well used to soldiering on. So it's fairly sure that I'll still be there anyway. 
However clearly in extremis there may be circumstances where this isn't possible. I have good working relationships with other professional photographers that I trust, and where possible will organise one of them to take my place. Where this isn't possible I will give you an instant 100% refund so that you have the funds to employ someone else, and I will spread the word among the wedding photographer networks to put you in touch with other photographers that can help. 
But what if I am so ill that I am unable to do this? My wife has an emergency action plan and access to all the required information to put the above measures in place on my behalf.
When will we receive our pictures? 
While I aim to get your pictures edited and out to you as soon as possible, I aim to give you the highest quality pictures that I am able, which does take a little time. I generally advise a delivery time of up to 4 weeks. However if due to high work load this is likely to be longer you will be informed in advance so that you always know what is happening and what to expect. 
How many pictures will we receive? 
This is a very difficult question for me to answer, as every wedding is different. Clearly smaller weddings will produce fewer photo worthy moments than very large weddings. Some groups of people are much more lively than others.
However, I do not cap the number of pictures that you'll receive. You don't receive a set number, you receive every picture that is a 'keeper'. In other words, once I have taken out any duplicates, people blinking, unflattering facial expressions, missed focus etc., you get everything that's left. 
As a rough guide a full day coverage would generally result in over 500 pictures but could be much higher. 
Do we have to buy prints from you? 
No not at all. Of course I am able to supply high quality prints for you, to make sure that you get the highest quality product. However, you will receive all of your pictures on a USB flash drive. You are then free to get prints from any on-line or high street supplier. You will also be provided with a permission to print letter, to show to them, in case they aren't happy about printing them.
You also get an on-line gallery to share your pictures with friends and family. If they want any prints it is fine for you to get them printed for them, or share the hi-res file with them for them to get them printed. However if you don't want the bother of dealing with all these requests, they can order prints from me via the on-line gallery.
How many photographers will be at my wedding?
This is really up to you and your budget. The basic price is based on one photographer. You are however, able to add additional photographers for an additional cost. 
So what are the benefits of additional photographers? With 2 or more photographers we are able to cover both bridal prep and the groom and groomsmen getting ready. We can cover more angles at the ceremony, which means you can have photos front in front and behind as you walk down the aisle, photos of your guests and their reactions during the service. One photographer can capture candid shots of your guests while the other is busy with formal group photos and your couple session. Generally you get a much more thorough coverage of the entire day.
How do you work on the day? Do you pose people or take candid pictures? 
I would have to say a bit of both. The way I work changes throughout the day. Certain parts of the day require a degree of control. So for formal group photos for example I will be taking a firm hand on the reins and organising people, in order to get this part of the day done in a timely manner. However for much of the rest of the day I prefer to wander round as another guest, quietly photographing all those special  moments with a minimum of fuss. However with a background in portrait photography, I am happy to pose people, if they grab me for a picture and want me to do so. 
When it comes to your couple session I like to use an easy going approach. As we wander off for this session, this gives you some much needed time together to connect during a hectic day. So for part of this session, I like to leave you both to be with each other, while I take quiet candid pictures. However, most of my couples aren't totally comfortable in front of a camera, and like to receive some guidance. So, for at least part of this session, I will generally be giving some posing advice.
Why does wedding photography cost so much for just one day? 
As you will have seen from the above questions and answers there is a great deal of technical equipment, knowledge and skills and insurance needed to photograph weddings, which obviously has a part to play in the cost.
Additionally, while you only see us working for the day of the wedding, there is a lot more that goes into preparing your wedding pictures that you never see. This day alone is generally a very long day and can be in excess of 12 hours, that's one and a half standard days work. After the wedding I will spend a great deal of time processing your pictures into the beautiful images that I aim to deliver. When you add all this together with the time responding to e-mails, messages and phone calls, meeting with you both, and travel to and from these meetings and the big day, it generally adds up to a week or more work involved in a wedding. 
Will you use our pictures on Facebook etc.? 
I will never (and in fact cannot) use your pictures without your permission. My booking form does however have a box to tick to give your consent to me using your pictures on my web-site, facebook etc. and I am always very grateful when you give your permission. I’m sure that you will have checked out my work (and that of other photographers) prior to booking. The only way we as photographers can have a range of up to date work for future prospective clients to see, is by our current clients consenting to us sharing their pictures.
How does the booking process work? 
Well the first step is for you to get in touch. 
Then we will arrange a meeting so that we can see how we get along and to discuss the details of your day. 
If you decide that you wish to go ahead, then we'll go through the terms and conditions, and fill out your booking form / contract. It is at this point that a proportion of the cost is due as a booking fee. Once I have this booking form and booking fee, the booking is confirmed, I will reserve the date for you, and you can relax knowing that another thing is sorted. (Until I have received both the booking form and booking fee, I am unfortunately unable to reserve the date for you for longer than 10 days).
Between the time of booking and the wedding day, you are free to contact me with any queries or concerns, and I will keep in touch from time to time, with any ideas and tips that I come across.
Between 1 month and 2 weeks prior to your wedding day we'll have another meeting to finalise details for the day, discuss particular pictures you'd like etc. It is at this point that the remainder of the fee is due.
What forms of payment do you accept? 
Cash, cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, and all major credit and debit cards.
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