About Me
 Hi I'm Chris, photographer at Captivating Images. I've been married to my wonderful wife for 23 years and we have 2 children.  We live in the slate mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales. However, Aberystwyth, where my wife and I met, has always been hugely special to us, and we spend as much time there as possible. This means that I am ideally placed to work throughout North and Mid Wales.
I've always loved photography, ever  since I was given a cheap film camera and roll of black and white film as a child. 
I'm a keen mountaineer and outdoor pursuits enthusiast, so landscape photography is not sursprisingly a hobby of mine. 
However my real passion is photographing people.
Two things that are very important to me, are capturing memories, and challenging media stereotypes and ideals.
Time passes incredibly fast. One moment you are getting married, the next having children, the next moment you are going to their weddings. Where did the time go? It's all just memories. And yet these even these memories become hazy. Looking at a photograph is like a time machine, transporting you back to those precious moments. Photographs have the power to bring those memories back into focus and help us feel those emotions again. 
I so often hear people say, "I hate photos of myself", or "I'm not photogenic". It's not really surprising is it? We are surrounded by idealised pictures of people in the media. We see models and celebs that have been taught how to hold themselves in front of the camera, pictures taken by professionals, with careful attention to lighting, and most likely heavily "Photoshopped". Of course they look fantastic! Instagram "influencers" are getting in on the act, learning these same techniques to show pictures of themselves looking great. We're sub-consciously taught that you either are or aren't photogenic, you must be young and slender to be good looking. Is it any wonder we look at ourselves in our selfies, or in the mirror and feel bad? Well guess what? All that in the media is smoke and mirrors. It's all trickery. This is something that is very important to me in my portrait photography. To bust these myths, and help raise peoples self esteem. Anyone can look good in photos. With a little knowledge from a professional photographer, you can find that you are photogenic after all.