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 Hi I'm Chris. I've been taking pictures since I was given a cheap film camera and roll of black and white film as a child. 

I'm a keen mountaineer, and so landscapes have, not surprisingly, always formed a large part of my personal photography. 

However, after having children, and being asked to take some portfolio pictures for a local model, I found that I love photographing people even more. Which lead to me working extensively in portrait and fashion photography. Photography definitely started to become a obsession rather than just a hobby.

People often ask what made you want to photograph weddings and events? At my daughters final prize giving evening as she left school, one of the teachers put on a slideshow of the children's time at the school. Pictures from school trips, rehearsals for school productions, school shows etc. Now these weren't technically amazing pictures in a photographic sense, being mostly snapshots taken on a phone. But most of the children were in tears as they re-lived those memories, and most of us parents were in a similar state seeing what great times they'd had at the school. This experience really confirmed to me what a powerful medium photography can be, and I knew at that moment, that what I wanted to do, was to photograph those milestone moments in people's lives, and capture those precious memories and emotions within my pictures. 

I'm passionate about wedding photography, it's not just a job to me. I love the excitement and emotion of weddings and other family events, and aim to capture these emotions in my pictures. Whilst certain parts of photographing the day, do require a more formal controlled approach (such as the family group shots), for much of the day I typically blend in to the background for a more photo-journalistic / documentary approach. However with my background in portrait and fashion photography, I do also particularly enjoy the more dramatic fine art style of photography, so if this is your taste too, then I'd love to hear from you and see what magical images we can create together.

Despite my wedding work increasing, I do also still love portraiture, where I have time to experiment and collaborate with my client, to create beautiful pictures that truly capture their personality. 


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